Implementation & Onboarding projects are chaotic and stressful.

Rocketlane aims to change that.


Our mission is to help businesses accelerate time to value, and deliver a transparent, consistent, and delightful customer onboarding journey, every single time.

We’ve been in your shoes

We’ve shared Trello boards, docs, and trackers sheets with customers we are onboarding. We’ve spent energy maintaining internal and external versions of these.
We’ve exhausted our workarounds to make this work.
We’ve created internal spreadsheets with statuses, issues, risks across projects. We’ve had team members spend hours each week keeping them updated.
We’ve still had escalations when we thought things were on track.
We’ve hopped between project tools, documents, emails, and comments, digging for statuses to update weekly presentations, or for a follow up.
We’ve spent even more time searching through those later.
We’ve put up with lack of data and benchmarks on time to value, and on team performance. We have only anecdotal inputs on what’s not working.
We’ve been operating on guesswork instead of metrics.
We’ve struggled to deliver consistent experiences to our customers. We’ve faced delays and botched implementations, resulting in unhappiness and churn.
We’ve given many customers a 1-star or 2-star experience.

Move your customer onboarding into the fast lane