for Onboarding and implementation teams

Collaborative customer onboarding platform

Bring project management, real-time communication, and customer collaboration into one powerful platform. Accelerate time-to-value with Rocketlane.


360° visibility: Stay on top and ahead of your projects

Get into the nitty-gritty of each customer project with Rocketlane. Stay in the loop on how things are going with project statuses, easily assign tasks, and stay flexible with our custom project fields.

With detailed insights on project progress, you're geared up to consistently deliver excellence.

Personalization and consistency at scale

Create once, reuse forever

Create templates for your projects, documents, forms, and tasks. Refine the templates based on past performances. Reuse them forever. Keep getting better with each onboarding.

Dynamic templates for dynamic needs

Losing hours crafting the customized project plan for every customer?  Our dynamic templates make it super easy to create bespoke project plans with zero effort!

Seamless CRM integration

Launch projects automatically once a deal is closed. Create automated workflows based on CRM fields, and push real-time project status and key information back to your CRM. Just point and click to configure.


Speed through the otherwise tedious process of filling in project information and creating status updates, forms, contracts, etc., from scratch.

Customer experience and accountability

Deliver a delightful experience while driving customer accountability

Reach your customers where they are. Shared customer portals, interactive plans, emails, and our Slack integration ensure you and your customers are always in sync. Automated reminders and follow-ups help you mitigate onboarding risks and deliver projects on time. Keep track of customer sentiments with CSAT surveys.

Help your team reclaim valuable time for work that truly matters

Robust project management and no more tool hopping

Rocketlane's powerful project management efficiently addresses today's tasks and preempts tomorrow's challenges. From managing tasks and dependencies to handling forms and documents, ace it with Rocketlane.

Tired of juggling between project management tools, documents, sheets and forms? Rocketlane unifies all of it under one platform.

Project updates in a jiffy

Create templates for project updates and schedule them to be sent out regularly. Or, if you prefer to compose your own updates , it is as simple as a simple drag and drop!

Effortless and accurate resource management

Manage resourcing needs, understand current capacity, and forecast with confidence. By merging resource and project plans, stay updated with every shift and change.

Optimize time for maximum efficiency

Is your team finding time tracking a chore? With calendar integrations, smart suggestions, and auto carry overs, the drudgery of logging time becomes a thing of the past.

With all your projects and time seamlessly interconnected, gain a clear understanding of where and what your team is spending time on.

Execute your playbooks without intervention

From planning to execution, Rocketlane orchestrates your project automation. Build custom workflows and say goodbye to tedious, repetitive tasks. Stay in control without having to constantly patrol everything. With Rocketlane, workflows are as they should be: effortless, timely, and seamlessly coordinated.


Your team, customers, and partners on the same page

Tired of hopping between different platforms to stay on the same page with your team, partners, and customers? Rocketlane is your all-in-one solution for customer implementations.

Centralize all your project information, communication, and cross-company collaboration. Make working together fun.

Insights that pave the way to faster time-to-value

Optimize your go-live dates and everything in between

Rocketlane lets you track, monitor, and optimize your delivery, ensuring you consistently achieve the best time-to-value.

A finger on the pulse of your customers

Stay attuned to customer sentiments with automated CSAT surveys at every point of the journey. Step in before things go awry!

Analyze your team's performance and utilization

Understand time spent on billable vs non-billable tasks, and optimize your efforts to maximize utilization.

Insights on project performance and time completion

Delve deep into project performances and timelines. Every detail, now at your fingertips.

What success looks like with Rocketlane

15% reduction in completion timelines

From the very beginning, the team seemed to understand the needs of the CS and Professional Services industry. Rocketlane has helped us reduce time-to-value by at least 15%.

Sabina Pons

Operating Partner, Growth Molecules

70% reduction in customer go-live time

Our customers are more involved than ever. Rocketlane’s customer portal gives them real-time visibility into the status of their onboarding project. They can complete tasks on time because they know exactly what they need to do and also hit us up instantly via built-in chat to communicate more effectively.

Becca Weiss

Sr. Director of CS and Implementations,

20% increase in TTV

We see a really massive improvement in the number of accounts an implementation manager handles pre-Rocketlane and post-Rocketlane. In a short space of just two months, we’ve been able to accelerate time-to-value for our customers by 20%!

Céline Caux

Director - Professional Services,

3X improvement in CSAT scores

We work with big enterprises who’ve seen hundreds of vendors like us. Rocketlane has helped us be significantly different from our competitors through the onboarding experience we are able to offer our customers.

Gokul Ganapathi

Co-founder & CEO, Botminds

Move your service delivery into the fast lane

Deliver projects on time and on budget. Collaborate with your team, partners, and customers. Without scope creep, stress, or missed goals.