How Flatfile is using Rocketlane to accelerate go-live times by ~70%


reduction in time to golive



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Reporting, Onboarding


  • Salesforce's limitations for project management led to extra effort and scattered information
  • Lack of system in place to give customers realtime visibility into project status
  • Unstructured notes on Salesforce, communication across emails, and Slack made customer coordination inefficient


  • 70% reduction in customer golive time, from 86 to 25 days, streamlining onboarding
  • Rocketlane’s integration with Salesforce automated data flow, improving project efficiency
  • Customer portal increased realtime project visibility and enhanced customer accountability

Flatfile enables businesses to exchange customer data efficiently and securely using AI-assisted import flows, enabling all parties to accelerate their ROIs.

Flatfile needed a solution that could:

  • Help them track and manage their onboarding projects with ease
  • Give their team and customers visibility into the status of  implementation projects
  • Enable their customers to stay on top of the work assigned to them

The Challenge

  • Prior to Rocketlane, the Customer Success team at Flatfile didn’t have a dedicated tool to manage their onboarding projects. They were using a combination of Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack for implementing new customers. They had to create custom objects in Salesforce to keep track of their implementation projects and this required additional effort.
  • Only the implementation consultants knew the exact status of projects. They would add notes for every customer project on Salesforce. With  100+ implementations going on at any given time, team members had to read through several lengthy, unstructured notes to come up to speed on where each customer was in their implementation journey.
  • Flatfile did not have a system in place to give customers real-time visibility into project status. Customers would often lose track of what they were supposed to do next.

The Solution

"Our customers are more involved than ever. Rocketlane’s customer portal gives them real-time visibility into the status of their onboarding project. They can complete tasks on time because they know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it and also hit us up instantly via built-in chat to communicate more effectively."
  • Flatfile can now track and manage their onboarding projects with ease thanks to Rocketlane. Everyone on their team has visibility into the status of each customer project the current progress, pending items, and roadblocks. Flatfile’s onboarding process has become much more efficient, allowing their team to handle more projects with less stress.
  • Flatfile customers can now get real-time visibility into the status of their onboarding projects with Rocketlane's dedicated Customer Portal.Customers now know exactly which tasks they need to complete and by when they are due. This ensures customers complete their tasks on time. Furthermore, the chat functionality has allowed them to communicate more effectively with Flatfile's team.
  • With Rocketlane’s in-built document editor, Flatfile can now maintain meeting notes from customer calls within Rocketlane and add tasks to onboarding projects from the document itself. This saves them a significant amount of time on each project.
  • Since Rocketlane's Salesforce integration seamlessly automates the flow of customer information between Rocketlane and Salesforce, their implementation team can now work entirely from Rocketlane.