How Vidyard is using Rocketlane to achieve 20% faster implementations and 3x more CSATs


faster implementations


increase in CSAT ratings



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Onboarding


  • Complex onboarding with spreadsheets and Salesforce led to inefficiencies and time-consuming manual data entry
  • Limited ability to visualize customer progress and interact effectively during the onboarding journey
  • Workflow inefficiencies and challenges in content hosting hampered customer engagement and project updates


  • Content hosting within Rocketlane and enhanced communication led to a 3x increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Salesforce integration with Rocketlane streamlined data management, with automatic project creation enhancing efficiency
  • Improved project management and visibility, with customizable templates leading to 20% faster implementations

Vidyard is a video platform that enables businesses to create and share personalized videos throughout their entire sales cycle. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, editing, and distributing videos, making it easier for companies to engage with their audience and drive business results. Vidyard's platform also includes analytics and tracking features, allowing businesses to measure the performance and impact of their video content.

Vidyard needed a solution that could:

  • Give their team more visibility into each project
  • Simplify their onboarding process
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction levels

The Challenge

  • Complex onboarding process: Before Rocketlane, Vidyard relied on spreadsheets to track projects and used Salesforce for customer data management. However, managing these separate systems became increasingly challenging as their team grew. It involved manual tracking and exporting of data, which proved to be time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Limited visibility: Vidyard struggled with visually representing the onboarding journey with their customers and had limited visibility into how customers were progressing during the project, making it difficult to identify areas of improvement and provide timely support.
  • Difficulty hosting content: Vidyard faced challenges while hosting and engaging customers with their content (video calls, slide decks, and other training materials), resulting in limited customer interaction. They sought a solution to optimize content hosting and improve engagement.
  • Workflow inefficiencies: Vidyard spent a lot of time in tracking and updating projects using their previous system. They realized it was cumbersome and slow, and they couldn’t find sufficient time for customer interactions as a result.

The Solution

“Rocketlane has been instrumental in helping us reduce time to value. By tracking each task and milestone, we can easily visualize how quickly customers are progressing through the implementation process. Updating all our projects now takes just a fraction of the time it used to. This means we have more time available for our customers to give them that personal touch.”

Marija Ilic & Eric Letourneau - Director of CS & Senior Implementation Manager, Vidyard

  • Rocketlane’s Salesforce integration: Rocketlane has been a game-changer for Vidyard because it seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. Now, all the data they need and want to see is easily accessible within Rocketlane, eliminating the need to navigate different systems to gather information. Projects are also automatically created on Rocketlane whenever a new deal is closed on Salesforce.

  • Enhanced visibility and project management: Rocketlane streamlined Vidyard’s onboarding process, breaking it down into smaller, manageable steps and providing clear instructions to guide customers through each stage with an easy to use interface. Every team member could easily view their own projects and also check their coworkers' workload to offer help if needed. Vidyard can also quickly assess the progress of each project, identify any bottlenecks, and determine how long they're taking to complete.
  • Templates: Rocketlane offered customizable checklists and templates that allowed Vidyard to create tailored onboarding experiences for different customer segments, simplifying the overall process.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration: Vidyard also found the chat functionality to be unexpectedly useful, with some customers embracing it despite a preference for email communication. This feature allowed for seamless discussions within Rocketlane, avoiding disruptions to ongoing email threads and enhancing collaboration between team members.
  • Content hosting on Rocketlane: Vidyard found the ability to host content within Rocketlane to be immensely helpful. This included hosting video recordings of calls and slide decks that were traditionally shared via email. By centralizing content in Rocketlane, Vidyard not only freed up resources on their website but also encouraged customers to engage with the platform more frequently.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Vidyard's focus on high CSAT scores received a boost with Rocketlane. Sending surveys at various stages of the project provided valuable insights into customer sentiments and allowed for continuous engagement. This proactive approach, particularly for longer-term projects, contributed to increased customer satisfaction and reinforced the importance of Rocketlane in maintaining strong customer relationships.