Bringing project updates to a Slack channel near you

With Rocketlane’s integration for Slack, your customers too can check project updates, manage tasks, and continue conversations right from their own Slack workspace.

Project updates delivered straight to your customers’ Slack

Enable your customers to stay up to date with projects right from their own Slack channel.

Your customers will get notified every time a task is updated, or when someone starts a conversation.

Customers can update the status of any task, reply to conversations, and view attachments directly from Slack.

Visibility into all your projects from the comfort of Slack

Get all your updates on a common channel or have them delivered to dedicated channels for each project.

Receive a weekly digest of all project activities on a Slack channel. Know what’s on your plate for the coming week, what you accomplished last week, and which tasks are overdue.

Without ever leaving Slack.

Continue working on your projects. Anywhere, anytime.

You and your customers can keep projects at your fingertips.

Even if you are ‘AFK’ to grab a coffee, you can quickly reply to conversations from the Slack app on your phone.


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