How Rocketlane is helping Growth Molecules accelerate their project delivery time

How Rocketlane is helping Growth Molecules accelerate their project delivery time

Growth Molecules needed a tool to track and manage their internal and customer-facing projects more efficiently and reduce project completion timelines.

Pain Points

- Lack of visibility into pending items and roadblocks

- Too much taken up by administrative work

- Multiple copies of the same projects were maintained

~15% reduction in project completion timelines.

Growth Molecules is a customer success strategic advisory firm based out of San Francisco, California. They help create custom and scalable CS programs that help companies protect and grow revenue.

Growth Molecules needed a solution that could:

  • Help them track and manage both internal and customer-facing projects in a more efficient manner.
  • Replace their labor-intensive Google Sheets workflow.
  • Enable easier communication between stakeholders of every project.
  • Help shorten project completion timelines.

The Challenge

Managing cross-functional and customer-facing projects at the same time was inefficient for Growth Molecules. They lacked a technology solution to get up-to-date visibility into progress made, pending items, and roadblocks.

Time tracking, project resourcing, and other telemetry data was lacking for this fast paced services team. They needed a way to get visibility on project delivery health, and portfolio project health.

As Growth Molecules’ customers often purchase multiple services offerings in tandem, having a real-time, holistic view, in an easy-to-use user interface was crucial for client collaboration, yet it was lacking.  

Their customers found it difficult to stay on top of tasks they were responsible for. And the Growth Molecules team found it challenging to manually follow up and send timely reminders.

The Solution

Growth Molecules swiftly adopted Rocketlane for internal and client-facing projects thanks to Rocketlane’s clean and easy-to-use interface. The visibility into every aspect of a project - progress made, stakeholders involved, pending/completed tasks, and delayed items - helped their team prioritize tasks that needed their attention the most.

Private and shared spaces in Rocketlane meant they no longer had to create duplicate project workflows and juggle multiple spreadsheets.

Rocketlane’s Slack Integration enabled smooth communication with their customers by automating status updates. The time saved allowed them to have more meaningful conversations with every customer.

From the very beginning, Sri (CEO, Rocketlane) seemed to understand the needs of the CS and Professional Services industry. I was immediately struck by this attribute, and that’s what drew us to Rocketlane. Rocketlane has helped us reduce time-to-value by at least 15%. We just deployed the time-tracking feature, and that’s going to help us be even more precise with our deliverables.
Sabina Pons

Operating Partner, Growth Molecules

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