How Botminds is using Rocketlane to improve CSAT scores by 3X


improvement in CSAT scores



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Reporting, Onboarding


  • Lack of consistency in onboarding process
  • Relying on multiple tools to manage implementations
  • Leadership lacked central visibility into project progress


  • 3x improvement in CSAT scores
  • Customers enjoy realtime project progress visibility
  • A standardized and repeatable onboarding process in place
Botminds needed a solution that could:
  • Standardize their onboarding process
  • Allow them to manage all of their implementations from a single platform
  • Give their internal team and customers real-time visibility into progress made

The Challenge

  • Before Rocketlane, Botminds tried out several tools to manage their onboarding process. They used Asana and Monday to track their customers’ tasks and responsibilities and internally manage projects with Azure DevOps.
  • This multi-tool workflow involved a lot of back and forth and proved quite challenging for their team. Keeping each tool updated, gathering information, and putting together reports involved a lot of manual work.
  • Botminds didn’t have a standardized onboarding process for every customer. A lot depended on the individuals running the projects rather than a consistent process based on the type of customer.
  • Central visibility for their leadership team was another area of concern. They were often in the dark about which projects needed their immediate attention and where to concentrate their efforts.

The Solution

"We work with big enterprises who’ve seen hundreds of vendors like us. Rocketlane has helped us be significantly different from our competitors through the onboarding experience we are able to offer our customers."

Gokul Ganapathi - Co-founder & CEO, Botminds

  • Botminds eliminated all their old tools and have a dedicated platform for onboarding in Rocketlane.
  • The visibility into progress made, people responsible for each phase/task, and pending work items make it easy for their team to prioritize work and get things done faster.
  • Their onboarding engineers can adopt a standardized process for every customer thanks to Rocketlane’s templating capabilities. These templates come pre-built with all the various phases, tasks, and documents needed for successful onboarding. This helps their team save time in getting their projects started and ensures consistency across the board.  
  • Their customers, too, are happier since they now have real-time visibility into the progress made on their project through Rocketlane’s Customer Portal. They consistently rate the Botminds team higher on the CSAT survey at the end of every project phase.