resource management

Eliminate blind spots from your project and resource planning

Resource Management on rocketlane enables you to plan resource requirements and predict project timelines accurately

Know your team’s exact bandwidth

Resource Management gives you a comprehensive view of your entire team’s bandwidth.

This helps you maximize the utilization of your resources - see who is available to work, who is occupied, and who is overworked. You can make sure no one gets burned out!

With visibility into resource availability across each week, month, and quarter, Resource Management helps you commit to project timelines more accurately.

Build the right team to work on your projects

Figure out
a) who can fill in the roles you need, and
b) who is available to work during the exact dates of your project.

Powered by Resource Management, Smart Suggestions automatically finds people with the right skills and availability that fit your project’s requirements.

With Resource Management, you can assemble the right team for every project in just a few clicks.

Run your resource planning on autopilot

Define your resource requirements once, and reuse them for each new project.

Specify what roles you need for your project, and the hourly requirements for each role at the template level. Every new project created using such templates will come with a pre-built resource plan.

Thanks to Resource Management and Rocketlane templates, resource planning is now a breeze.

Balance demand and supply for resources

Resource Management can help you forecast when you are likely to face a resource bottleneck, and for which role.

This allows you to plan ahead of time for the roles that are in high demand. You can choose to add a full-time resource to your in-house team, hire a contractor, or outsource projects.

With Resource Management, you can make sure your hiring decisions are driven by data.

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