Collaborative customer onboarding platform

Accelerate time-to-value. Provide a delightful, collaborative experience for your customers.

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Visibility across projects and customers

Why put out fires when you can prevent them? Get total visibility on where your projects stand. Find out which ones need intervention.
Customer experience

Make a great first impression

Win your customers’ confidence with a great plan. From kickoff to value delivery, collaborate with customers and provide visibility into goals, plans, and statuses.

Bring your A-game. Every time.

Create once, reuse forever. Reusable templates for projects and documents help you repeat your best work. Save time, ensure consistency.
Collaboration and Productivity

A unified workspace to collaborate with customers

Onboarding is a team sport. Collaborate live on tasks and documents with your customers. Have real-time conversations within your team as well as with your customers.
Rocketlane is shifting our customer onboarding experience into high gear; taking us from just task management to strategic delivery partner with greater visibility and collaboration on project activities, ultimately driving up CSAT.
Robert Block
Group Vice President of Professional Services & Customer Support, Clari
Of all the products we explored in this category, Rocketlane was by far our favorite. Prior to Rocketlane, project timelines were very uncertain. It would take anywhere between 8-10 weeks to complete the implementation process for a customer. With Rocketlane, the time has come down to 4-6 weeks.
Adrianna Hardin
Director of Professional Services, Jirav
Rocketlane drives consistency in our execution, helping us deliver value faster, thereby increasing retention and reducing avoidable churn. Our teams love the breadth of capabilities and product vision.
Krish Subramanian
Co-Founder & CEO, Chargebee
Rocketlane helps my team stay organized and clearly communicate action items and target dates with our customers. I love the ability to have everything (both internal and external facing) in one place, and the customer-facing view helps us to put our best foot forward with
Lauren Yarger
Director of Customer Success, Clara Analvtics
I am noticing a distinct discipline in the way the customer onboarding team operates now that we have started using Rocketlane. Onboarding has become a thing within the company and is a key impact area for our customers.
Ashwini Asokan
Founder & CEO, Mad Street Den
Our team loved the small touches in the product that help us impress customers, the custom UI and domains to make it our own, and lastly, the proactive engagement from the Rocketlane team to help us succeed with their platform.
S Balajee
Chief Customer Officer at Netcore Cloud

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