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Say goodbye to workarounds and limitations of generic project management tools. Rocketlane brings consistency, transparency, and accountability into client projects.

Make your teams productive, generate visibility for leaders, and deliver an experience that turns clients into raving fans.
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Why choose Rocketlane over other project management tools

Credit where it’s due—tools like Asana, Monday, or ClickUp are OK to run simple internal projects. But when running client facing projects, can they provide transparency? Can they help you hold customers accountable?


And that's when the workarounds begin. You start cloning projects - having internal and external versions of projects and tasks - and begin copying links to Slack to collaborate away from your client’s gaze. Work gets spread across tools, experience takes a backseat, creating visibility becomes tough, and getting insights to improve business processes becomes hard.

Rocketlane is purpose-built for customer projects. It brings consistency to your execution, helps you hit your project goals, and deliver a delightful experience to all your customers.

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