How Craze is using Rocketlane to improve work efficiency and client engagement



Use case

Customer visibility, Project management, Reporting


  • Lack of separate workspaces in, risking exposure of internal activities to clients
  • Clients faced poor visibility into campaign status with and Asana
  • Difficulty organising 3000+ weekly marketing assets, leading to access issues


  • Private and Shared Spaces in Rocketlane protected internal tasks from client view
  • All 3000+ marketing assets organized within task contexts, ensuring easy access
  • Boosted client engagement through full visibility into marketing campaigns and automated reminders

Craze is a full-stack marketing agency based out of New York, USA. They help set up marketing strategies and manage the day-to-day marketing efforts for startups with their in-house experts.

Craze needed a solution that could:
  • Provide a dedicated space for their internal team to keep projects, tasks, and activities organized away from their customers’ gaze
  • Give both their internal team and clients the right level of visibility into all their marketing efforts
  • Help them stay organized when working with clients on marketing projects

The Challenge

  • Prior to Rocketlane, Craze was using to run their client-facing marketing projects. Since lacked dedicated spaces to separate internal and client-facing activities, they constantly ran the risk of exposing their confidential internal project activities to their clients.
  • Another concern was providing their clients with visibility into the current status of their marketing campaigns. With their old set of tools, Craze’s clients struggled to know which items were completed, pending, and the people responsible for them.
  • Asset organization was a major challenge for Craze. They were dealing with 3000+ marketing assets every week, and keeping all of them in the right place with easy access proved to be difficult with tools like and Asana.
  • Craze's team wanted to keep their clients up to date on campaign activities. While tools like and Asana sent a ton of email notifications to clients, Craze found them to be useless most of the time.

The Solution

We wouldn’t be able to operate as an agency if it wasn't for Rocketlane. It’s an amazing tool and it’s significantly increased our work efficiency. It’s allowed us to move faster when starting new client relationships because of our effort in building a solid process with Rocketlane. It has also made it easier for our new hires to become acquainted with our workflow because Rocketlane assists us in guiding them through the process. We are pleased as a team to be able to use Rocketlane for our client projects.

  • Rocketlane’s Private and Shared Spaces allowed Craze to separate their internal and client-facing activities with ease. They were no longer worried about exposing private tasks, documents, or conversations to clients.
  • They were able to leverage Rocketlane’s Customer Portal (they’ve branded it as “Craze Hub”) to offer complete visibility to their clients into ongoing tasks and phases involved in their marketing campaigns. Craze’s clients are now always in the loop - they know the project status and what the roadblocks are.
  • Rocketlane helps the Craze team better organize all their marketing assets. Each asset can be stored within the context of a task/document, and this ensures easy access and nothing ever gets lost.
  • With Rocketlane, Craze is able to automate status updates and send timely reminders to clients. Unlike their previous tools, updates now are more contextual and help their clients keep track of progress made. Client engagement has improved significantly as a result.