How CLARA Analytics uses Rocketlane to create delightful onboarding journeys

How CLARA Analytics uses Rocketlane to create delightful onboarding journeys

CLARA Analytics needed a tool to facilitate both internal and customer-facing project management and eliminate the need for multiple tools. They also wanted to improve the way they communicate and collaborate on tasks with their customers. Rocketlane ticked all their boxes.

Pain Points

Lack of collaboration with customers on onboarding projects

Inefficiencies in the onboarding workflow

Poor customer experience during onboarding

10% increase in average customer satisfaction ratings

CLARA Analytics is a California, USA-based machine learning startup. Their AI-powered insights help customers in the commercial insurance space reduce claim costs and optimize carrier, customer, and claimant outcomes.

CLARA Analytics needed a solution that could:

  • Enable timely communication with customers on implementation projects
  • Facilitate both internal and customer-facing task management
  • Replace multiple tools and reduce inefficiencies in their workflow

The Challenge

Since the implementation process at CLARA involves multiple teams on both sides, effective communication was crucial for onboarding success.

The Clara team used to share project plans on spreadsheets and PDFs and any change required all project documents to be updated and reshared. Such repetitive manual tasks were time-consuming.

The Customer Success team was managing each project on two separate trackers - internal and external. It was painstaking to keep both trackers up to date.

The Solution

Rockelane’s customer portal helped CLARA deliver a consistent and professional customer experience. It allowed teams on both sides to have conversations around implementation projects with ease.

By unifying the management of internal and external tasks, Rocketlane has made the onboarding process smoother for Clara’s Customer Success team.

Since Rocketlane allowed embedding external documents on the platform, no data/document/process went out of sight and it made document collaboration convenient for both parties

I’d recommend Rocketlane to anyone looking to create a better experience for their customers! We’ve received great customer feedback on our onboarding. Rocketlane has helped us focus on building a good relationship with our customers as we go from implementation to adoption.
Lauren Yarger

Director of Customer Success, CLARA Analytics

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