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Rocketlane’s free timesheet calculator allows you to easily create a timesheet with work items

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How to use the free timesheet calculator

Step 1

Select ‘Switch to bi-weekly’ if you’d like to generate this timesheet for a fortnight.

Step 2

Fill in your name

Step 3

Select the week you want to generate your timesheet for

Step 4

Fill in the hourly rate

Step 5

Add activities that you want to log time for. You can add more using the ‘Add Task’ button

Step 6

The tool calculates ‘Total Hours’ logged and ‘Total Pay’

Step 7

Click ‘Save as PDF’ to generate and save your timesheet

Looking for more advanced timesheet capabilities?

Explore Rocketlane’s time tracking capabilities for consultants and agencies.

Introduction to timesheets

What is a timesheet?

A timesheet makes it easy to track items against which work is clocked. With data from the timesheet, it's simple to figure out your employees' total hours worked and overtime. Doing this manually is time-consuming.

What is a timesheet calculator?

A timesheet calculator makes tracking employees' hours a breeze! It automatically works out how much time they've put in. It also eliminates errors that may occur in manual entry.

How can a timesheet calculator help you?

A timesheet calculator captures:

- The number of hours worked by every employee

- Data required to calculate pay and process payroll

- Billable hours required to account for project costs

- Calculating utilization and ROI for your projects

How to use the timesheet calculator?

- Fill in your name or the name you want to appear on your timesheet

- Pick the week you want to generate the timesheet for, and fill in the hourly rate

- Fill in tasks and hours worked on each of those tasks

- Click ‘Save as PDF’ and voila! Your timesheet is ready


What information is required on a timesheet?
How do I add hours to the timesheet calculator?
How does the tool calculate hours and pay?

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