WebEngage’s implementations happen 50% faster with Rocketlane

WebEngage needed a tool to track and manage multiple onboarding projects, improve customer engagement, and make the implementation process smoother and more predictable.

Pain points

-Difficulty in tracking and managing projects

-Long go-live timelines

-No standardized onboarding process



reduction in onboarding time

WebEngage is a Mumbai, India-based marketing automation suite catering to SMBs and consumer tech enterprises. Their platform helps simplify user engagement and retention.

WebEngage needed a solution that could:

  • Help customers to realize value sooner in their implementation journey
  • Enable their team to handle more projects without pile-ups
  • Improve customer experience and facilitate a smooth onboarding journey

The Challenge

WebEngage didn’t have a dedicated tool for onboarding prior to Rocketlane. Projects were maintained on multiple spreadsheets, therefore, tracking and measuring progress was a major challenge.

Project managers at WebEngage typically manage 8-10 projects at any given time and there was an over-reliance on them to know where each project stood, what the roadblocks were, and what needed their attention the most.

Timelines were never accurate. They weren’t able to accurately estimate how long each phase/task within a project would take. Projects invariably missed deadlines as a result.

They didn’t have a process in place to follow up with customers and with team members at regular intervals.

They didn’t have a standardized onboarding process. Every project lead was left on their own to onboard customers in the way they saw fit. This led to operational inefficiencies which impacted the go-live timelines even further.

The Solution

With Rocketlane’s easy-to-use UI and on-demand visibility, project managers were able to view the status of every project in one quick glance. Knowing which projects were running late and the exact phases/tasks causing delays meant issues were resolved faster.

The customer-facing portal helped WebEngage’s customers to always stay in the loop. Knowing which tasks are pending on their side, by what date tasks are due, and receiving timely status updates made sure projects were delivered on time.

Creating templates with Rocketlane has been a game-changer for WebEngage. It helped their Customer Success team to get new projects up and running in no time.

Rocketlane has significantly reduced the time taken to onboard new customers. We’ve seen a 50% improvement in onboarding time. Projects which used to take 3 moths to complete are now done in 45 days. Our project leads know which projects to prioritize and have visibility into the tasks that need their attention the most. We really love the fact that Srikrishnan (CEO, Rocketlane) took the time out to listen to our feedback, and built features we needed quickly.
Saurabh Tendulkar
Head of Customer Onboarding, WebEngage

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