How Tevera shortened project timelines by 20% with Rocketlane


increase in CSAT scores


shortened project timelines



Use case

Customer visibility, Reporting, Onboarding


  • Poor client engagement during onboarding, hindering effective learning and interaction
  • The previous onboarding tool was not userfriendly, complicating the learning process
  • Unable to demonstrate the platform's value within the desired sixmonth timeframe


  • Enhanced project communication features improved user engagement and increased CSAT scores by 10%
  • Flexibility to edit and reuse templates in Rocketlane led to a 20% reduction in project duration
  • Clients gained clearer understanding of their tasks and milestones, accelerating project completion timelines

Tevera is an ed tech company based out of Hudson, Wisconsin, USA, that caters to educators and counsellors. Their solutions simplify field and program management, accreditation, internship, and employment.

Tevera needed a solution that could:

  • Help create an onboarding experience that increases engagement
  • Enable the team to demonstrate the value of the platform within six months
  • Help reduce the duration of onboarding and implementation projects‍

The Challenge

  • Given Tevera’s limited resources, making sure that every client is engaged and understands the tasks and milestones involved during onboarding was critical for them.
  • The previous platform Tevera was using wasn't intuitive to use for their onboarding team and it created a lot of tension in the learning outcomes they were trying to achieve.
  • Tevera was looking for a platform that could allow their users to focus on learning how Tevera worked rather than spending time on a separate onboarding tool.

The Solution

The biggest difference with Rocketlane is the ability to update templates. This has vastly improved our process. We have reduced the average project duration by 20%.

  • The in-built project communication, the ability to assign tasks, and tag team members in chats helped them send thoughtful follow-ups and keep everything contextual with their customers. Rocketlane offered them the flexibility they needed, which they couldn't find anywhere else.
  • The flexibility of editing and re-using templates made life far easier for their onboarding team. It helps them reduce their average project duration by 20%.
  • Their clients now have more clarity about what they need to be doing at every stage, making task completion faster. User engagement has drastically improved post Rocketlane and the average CSAT score is up by 10%.