How Comsense uses Rocketlane to make onboarding more customer-centric

How Comsense uses Rocketlane to make onboarding more customer-centric

Comsense found it difficult to manage all their onboarding projects with a lean team. They needed a one-stop solution to track and measure progress while improving customer collaboration.

Pain Points

Lack of customer involvement during onboarding

Poor visibility into status of projects

No tangible way to measure team performance

10% increase in average CSAT scores

Comsense Inc. is a Toronto, Canada-based software provider that caters to the construction industry. Their ERP software solutions are purpose-built for the architectural door, frame, and hardware distribution industry.

Comsense Inc. needed a solution that could:

  • Enable a lean team to manage multiple customer onboarding projects
  • Accelerate their customers’ go-live journey
  • Give complete visibility to customers and ensure transparency

The Challenge

Customer involvement was a major challenge for Comsense. Since customers could not see which tasks/deliverables were pending on them, onboarding projects missed deadlines more often than not.

Accurate visibility into the progress of projects was another concern given the numerous tools Comsense was using.

Project-related insights weren't readily available. Figuring out where to optimize their team’s performance was another problem.

The Solution

With Rocketlane’s comprehensive customer portal, Comsense’s customers had complete visibility into the action items they were responsible for.

The ability to set visibility for tasks and conversations as private or shared meant Comsense could maintain transparency with their customers without the risk of disclosing any confidential information.

The data and tracking offered by Rocketlane’s reports helped Comsense benchmark and fine-tune the onboarding process to bring down project duration and realize faster go-lives for customers.

We love how Rocketlane allows us to include clients in every step of our onboarding journey. From managing tasks to tracking them to ensuring customers have just the visibility they need, Rocketlane has enabled our team to craft truly collaborative onboarding experiences for our customers.
Stephen A

Director of Customer Success, Comsense Inc.

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