How Rocketlane can reduce your customer’s time-to-value

Hint: It has to do with the tools you use.
May 13, 2021
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Krishna Kumar

Customer onboarding can feel a lot like playing a game of whac-a-mole. You whack one mole, and it sinks back into the hole, only for another one to appear from a different spot: here your moles would be the multiple tools you have to set up for your customer and the issues you have to tackle from having your onboarding process spread across tools. If you don’t hit a mole with enough force and on time, you don’t get points. And then you have to get quicker as the moles spend lesser and lesser time above the hole and more moles appear and disappear at the same time. Finally, the game ends after a specific duration, and you get your final scores: whether it’s a happy customer or not entirely depends on how swift you were with tackling the moles.

But here’s the thing. Your customer onboarding need not be as unpredictable. Or feel like a Japanese arcade game.

Your customer onboarding process and the results are not consistent and are unpredictable many times. 

Because too much work happens on documents and other tools.

You’ve got tons of insights buried in information silos thanks to the multiple tools you use for onboarding your customers.

Let’s look at how customer onboarding projects work, tool-wise: you have all your tasks down and assigned to the relevant team members on a project management tool. And then a lot of work happens on documents: project scoping, minutes of meetings you have with clients… your team and the customer’s team both have entire conversations on the documents. They assign comments to each other, hoping they would get added to the assignee’s to-do list. You also share questionnaires with the customer, and you have to track and follow up for answers. Again, outside your project management tool.

And then, there are two versions of every document shared: one meant for your internal team and one meant for the customers. So you end up maintaining two versions of every document, and you need to make sure both are updated. 

Now your onboarding team may receive notifications on every document activity, true. But they are also receiving them from every ongoing project they are involved in. Marking emails as unread is not the same as adding a task to the to-do list. And so decision-making moves to inboxes.

According to a recent survey Rocketlane conducted, 55% respondents said they spent 2-5 hours in a workweek on just follow-ups and reminders.

Are you thinking about how much more you can get done if you saved that time? We did too. 

We have all the right people on our team; we’ve got foolproof playbooks too. So we dug a little deeper and figured it’s the tools. There’s just too much information spread across the burgeoning set of tools we use for one customer onboarding journey.

Which is why we made Rocketlane.

Eliminating information silos with Rocketlane

Think of Rocketlane as the Swiss knife of customer onboarding. One space for every need you can think of. Create a workspace, share it with your customer, add tasks, assign them to your team, create and work on documents within the same space. You can also configure your workspace so that your customers can view only what they need to. No more information overload for them and no more duplication of work for you!

You can also start conversations within the space and mention the members that need to be notified. 

Your team won’t have to switch between umpteen tabs anymore. And they can spend more time bettering your processes and shortening time to value!

Want to give it a spin? Sign up here for a free trial.

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Kirthika Soundararajan
Head - Content Marketing @ Rocketlane

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