Project visibility: The secret to great customer onboarding

Ever wanted to feel like Tony Stark when he handles all those cool gadgets? Rocketlane can be your perfect sidekick!
June 22, 2022
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Running projects is a team sport. All project teams work towards fulfilling the desired outcomes of each project. Each team is riddled with a zillion pit holes on their path, and by having the right visibility into projects, tasks, and statuses, they get to success.

Clear visibility makes it easy for teams to see the task status, progression, current and next steps, and potential risks in each project.

In customer relationships, especially, visibility in project management aids in better relationships and overall satisfaction. And with the customer onboarding phase laying the groundwork for your relationship with customers, it is pertinent to make the customers’ onboarding journey delightful.

Why do you need visibility in customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding is often fraught with inconsistencies, delayed escalations, and hurried implementations. In a recent survey by Rocketlane, 56% of onboarding and implementation professionals felt there’s inadequate visibility into the work of each project. Eventually, customers have a terrible experience with the overall process and end up second-guessing their decision to choose.

But, wait, it does not have to be this way. You don't need to wait for a superhero to come and save you. It's your time to wear the cape and be the one to save the day with Rocketlane. 

Tony Stark’s lab is where his ideas spring to life. He has an immersive holographic environment in his workshop with gesture controls that allow him to zoom, rotate, and manipulate projections. Imagine getting to zoom in and out when handling multiple projects back at the office. Imagine having 360° visibility into all your projects and knowing where you stand at all times. That's the kind of visibility we are talking about at Rocketlane.

But to experience that visibility, you don’t have to set up a bleak and high-tech lab like Tony's, nor do you have to go about consulting experts like Steven Spielberg. It's no rocket science here; it's just what we bake into our features.

Rocketlane eliminates the need for using multiple tools in your onboarding. It provides you with the collaboration, visibility, customer experience, productivity, and consistency to run all your customer onboarding and implementation projects on a single platform. With Rocketlane's visibility, you also equip your customers with the ability to track projects, maintain open lines of communication, and give feedback as needed. In this blog, we will tell you why we’re big on visibility at Rocketlane.

The complete picture in one frame - Or the bird's eye view

Rocketlane ensures that you get a 30,000 feet view of all your projects without a single click! You can hover over the elements to understand what is happening in each project, down to the details. You can also know the status and trends of all your projects and get automated assessments of your projects' actual and planned progress. This helps you intervene at the right moment and prevent tasks from getting derailed.

Rocketlane provides integrations and custom fields so your information can flow seamlessly. For more on how Rocketlane can be customized to provide you with full visibility, check this post out.

Want to zero in on a particular project phase? No worries, we have got you there.

The magnified picture for a holistic view - Or the 360° view

Rocketlane lets you swoop into each project for the bigger picture. It offers you up-to-the-minute views of all your projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. You can opt to view them as a kanban board, a Gantt chart, or even go for a simple list view. The project overview dashboard shows you the goals, completion statuses, customer sentiments of every project, and more. It's your special gadget to seeing it all. 

Additionally, Rocketlane also helps you keep a tab on the progress and performance of projects with easy access to inputs on timelines, delays, deviations, and progress across phases. You finally know who is working on what, where any project is caught up, and who has work waiting on them. All of this allows you to identify, diagnose, and fix the source of project slippage and risks. You can dive into the nitty-gritty details of at-risk tasks, factors blocking project progress, delayed milestones, and more.

Sneak peeks into what else Rocketlane has to offer

Time Tracking

Your team's time needs to be managed efficiently without their Friday evenings being all about tedious time logging. Effective time management can make or break your project's delivery and profitability. Time tracking can help you understand whether or not your company spends time doing meaningful work on the right projects. When you have a clear picture of where time is spent, you can focus on what matters most, eliminate busy work, and lead motivated teams. With Rocketlane's time tracking feature, your teams can use timesheets to do this systematically and provide insights into how well employees utilize their time. Rocketlane lets you know how time is utilized across projects, whether you're within the budget, and whether your billable utilization improves over time.

Status Updates

Weekly status updates are indeed a royal pain. Rocketlane helps you solve this pain by allowing easy setup of status updates within the platform. No more email hunting, no more email threads, pasted links, or cross-referenced updates! You can compose, collaborate, share, and access all statuses via one platform. Contextualize and customize each status update by simply dragging and dropping the elements you need for that particular update: pending tasks, tasks completed, notes, etc. You can have shared and private conversations with your customers and teams on the same status update without ever missing context. Assign, set deadlines, update task statuses and chat with project stakeholders, all within Rocketlane. With Status Update Templates, you can design templates that help you send out recursive project related updates to your team members. Automate your project status updates according to the preferences you have set. As for your customers, all they need to do is check Rocketlane to get all the information they need!

Measuring CSAT - for customers and your team

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are a great way to close the loop on a customer interaction and determine whether your customer finds your product valuable and how much of their goals have been met with your product. And by incorporating a CSAT survey into your onboarding journey, you will understand early on what went well and what needs improvement from your customer's perspective. Rocketlane lets you automate CSAT surveys after key milestones to know how customers feel in real-time on performance and delivery from your team. Your team can use this information to uncover critical insights, benchmarks, and trends on how you can improve your onboarding process.

Nothing ever leaves your sight with Rocketlane

Rocketlane helps you with all the heavy lifting, giving you all round visibility into your onboarding projects. It brings together project and document collaboration under a single roof and lets you repeat your best work with in-built templates so you can consistently nail your onboarding goals. At every project phase, add tasks, subtasks and mark dependencies or assignees without any hassle. Attach documents and embed doc links all within Rocketlane. With much project visibility for teams and customers, Rocketlane helps you deliver a delightful onboarding experience every time! 

Check out Rocketlane today and sign up for a free trial. Or, hop on a call with us

Happy Onboarding!

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