How to write an effective project mission statement

Explore what a project mission statement is. Also, learn its purpose, when to draft it, and how to draft it effectively. 
August 24, 2023
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Mukundh Krishna

A good project mission statement concisely communicates the purpose, goals, and approach of the project.

It aligns all members of the organization and external stakeholders with the project vision.

A project mission statement also provides clarity, direction, and momentum, ensuring the project runs smoothly and efficiently. 

In this blog, we will uncover what a project mission statement is, its purpose, when to draft it, and how to draft it effectively. 

We’ll also give you some project mission statement examples and unveil an all-in-one tool to help streamline project collaboration, communication, and productivity.


In this article

  1. What is a project mission statement, and why is it important? 
  2. When do you draft a project mission statement?
  3. How to write an effective project mission statement
  4. 3 Brilliant project mission statement examples
  5. Streamline project collaboration and communication with Rocketlane
  6. 5 FAQs about project mission statements

Let’s begin.

What is a project mission statement, and why is it important?

A project mission statement is a guiding principle that makes strategic planning, decision-making, and execution efficient and effective. 

It defines the project's scope, objectives, stakeholders, and how the expected outcomes create core value for the target audience. 

Here’s how you can use a project mission statement for smooth project execution: 

  1. Set clear goals and objectives: A project mission statement is a critical part of any business strategy or strategic planning process because it clearly articulates the project's goals. As a result, it helps every project team member to quickly prioritize and accomplish tasks. 
  2. Improve collaboration: A project mission statement serves as a roadmap, helping stakeholders understand and support the project. This helps build consensus and ensures everyone works toward the same end goal.
  3. Keep the project on track: By writing an effective project mission statement, you ensure everyone focuses on the project's overall goals and objectives and that all activities and decisions align with the project mission statement.

Organizations often create a general mission statement to define the company's purpose or initiatives (learn more here). A project mission statement is similar but focuses on just one project within the organization.

Note: Make sure to distinguish a project mission statement from a project vision statement. Though the key elements sound similar, the concepts are different (more on this here). 

Now that we understand the project mission statement and its benefits, let's discover the ideal time to draft it.

When do you draft a project mission statement?

Drafting the project mission statement during the kickoff meeting helps establish customer onboarding goals. It also helps set expectations with your clients and customer service teams.

More importantly, it confirms the benefit and core value of the project by answering the "what" and "how” of the project.  

The result? 

You have a team working to its full potential towards a common strategic goal. 

However, if you find your team deviating from the project mission statement, it may be time to return to the drawing board and expand it to a comprehensive brief. 

Fortunately, an easy way to keep this from happening is by using a project management tool like Rocketlane. 

Rocketlane simplifies project work management from the kickoff meeting to the end of the project. 

But before we dive into the benefits of using Rocketlane, let’s look at some tips for writing a project mission statement. 

How to write an effective project mission statement

Whether you want to develop a social media or business strategy, improve customer service, end human suffering, or save people's lives, an effective project mission statement is vital. 

But remember this: Writing a project mission statement differs from, say, writing taglines for marketing campaigns. Taglines are directed toward your target audience, while your project mission statement is specific to that project.

Follow these tips to ensure your project mission statement clearly and concisely conveys your project's essential elements:

  1. Define your project goals: Define the goals and objectives with the project team, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.
  2. Specify the targets and expectations: Use clear, direct language to define what you want to achieve with the project and how you will achieve it. Pick SMART targets (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) to inspire your project team and instill them with value and meaning.
  3. Write a draft, proofread, and edit: Write concise, straightforward options that are inspirational, achievable, and purposeful. Once you have written a draft mission statement, review and revise it carefully. 

But who’s responsible for writing a project mission statement? 

We have the answer here. Get stakeholders to review it. All stakeholders should finalize and approve the project mission statement before you move forward with planning and execution. Getting different perspectives on the what, why, and how ensures you have a comprehensive and compelling project mission statement.

Let’s look at some examples. 

3 Brilliant project mission statement examples 

Since every project is unique, it’s advisable not to rely heavily on templates or examples.

Keeping that in mind, here are three project mission statement examples to give you a 


1. Project mission statement example for creating a new intake form 

This project aims to create a new intake form that helps sales managers save time by quickly gathering and transferring customer data. We aim to accomplish this within two weeks.

2. Project mission statement example for reducing time-to-value

The goal is to reduce the overall time-to-value from 5 days to 3 by maximizing usability and intuitive in-product nudges. We aim to accomplish this before the end of the month. 

3. Project mission statement example for boosting the customer success rate 

Our goal is to boost the customer success rate from 50% to 75% by identifying and delivering high-value and engaging content through every stage of the onboarding process. We aim to accomplish this within three months. 

Ready to write an effective project mission statement? 

Here’s a word of caution: Writing a thorough project mission statement is only half the battle won. You'll need a unique project management tool to execute a project from start to finish successfully. 

Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Streamline project collaboration and communication with Rocketlane

As a project manager, ensuring your team completes the project on time and within budget requires proper allocation of resources and effective communication and collaboration.

You also must track the progress of all project-related activities to mitigate issues. 

So what’s the solution? 

It’s simple — you need a robust project management tool like Rocketlane. 

Rocketlane empowers your team to execute every client project successfully by balancing efficiency, profitability, and customer experience.  

For example, Rocketlane can help you create well-defined project phases, milestones, tasks, owners, and more when onboarding new customers.

Bottom line: With Rocketlane, you can achieve breakthrough productivity gains.

An image of the website of Rocketlane PSA software

We’ll show you how: 

1. Get a 360° view of all your projects

Rocketlane provides a centralized hub for all projects and project-related activities, giving you a better handle on all ongoing projects. 

How does that help?

You get better visibility of all project-related activities, including which projects or tasks are behind schedule and the reason for the delay.

As a result, your project team and all stakeholders stay on top of the tasks, keeping the project running smoothly. 

2. Real-time collaboration with your team and customers

Looking to streamline communication and collaboration between all internal team members, customers, and stakeholders?

With Rocketlane’s project delivery toolkit, you can:

  • Keep every stakeholder on the same page by maintaining all communication on relevant project deliverables, statuses, and documents. 
  • Enable privacy and permissions to safeguard internal or task-related information. 
  • Organize and share all your documents in one place for hassle-free access. 

This helps boost overall employee productivity and teamwork from start to finish.

3. Easy integration with other tools and apps 

Rocketlane makes it easy to combine all your project-related activities in one platform. It seamlessly integrates your everyday business tools, like Salesforce, Slack, Zapier, etc. 

Integrating Rocketlane with other tools and apps means you have one dedicated tool, so you won’t need to switch between spreadsheets, email, Slack, or other applications.

Have some more questions?

We’ve got you covered. 

6 FAQs about project mission statements

Let’s explore some common questions about project mission statements: 

1. What’s the difference between a project mission and a project vision statement?

A project mission statement outlines the purpose, goals, and approach to successfully executing a project. A project vision statement describes what a project aims to achieve in the long term.

Put another way: A project mission statement is more practical and tactical, while a project vision statement is more inspirational and strategic. 

2. How do you write a mission statement for a project?

While creating a project mission statement, clarify its purpose, goals, and intended impact in a concise, compelling, and actionable statement that captures its essence. 

3. What is an example of a mission statement?

Example of a project mission statement: To inspire and empower individuals to reach their full potential through innovative educational programs and access to quality resources.

4. What are the 3 parts of a mission statement?

The three parts of a mission statement are:

  • The purpose or reason for existence
  • The specific objectives 
  • The intended impact or desired outcome of the project or organization

5. Who is responsible for writing a project mission statement?

Typically, a project manager takes the initiative to write the project mission statement.

But remember: Writing an effective project mission statement is a collaborative effort. So, as a project manager, it’s vital to take inputs from all relevant stakeholders, including team members, customers, and other interested parties. 

It may also require project sponsors or senior management inputs for more large-scale or complex projects. 

6. What are the common mistakes while drafting a project mission statement? 

Drafting a clear and compelling project mission statement requires careful thought and consideration. 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not defining the purpose or approach: A project mission statement should be specific and concise. So, avoid using generic terms that could apply to any project and instead focus on the unique purpose and approach of the project.
  2. Leaving out essential stakeholders: Failure to involve all stakeholders can result in a project mission statement that does not accurately reflect the strategic goal and approach. Without the active participation of essential stakeholders, a project may be off to a shaky start. 
  3. Setting unrealistic expectations: While a project mission statement should be inspiring, it should also be grounded in reality. The project's outcomes or benefits must align with the purpose and approach.

Fulfill your project’s mission with Rocketlane 

A project mission statement helps define specific goals, the scope of work, the stakeholders involved, and the project's expected outcomes.

It is a guiding principle throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring everyone works towards the same end goal.  

But here’s the thing: To successfully execute a project from start to finish, you’ll need a robust project delivery tool like Rocketlane. 

Rocketlane offers several features to manage tasks, timelines, resources, and communication in one place, ensuring your projects run smoothly. 

So, sign up with Rocketlane and book a demo today.

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