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Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to Rocketlane's new SmartFill feature. Save time by retrieving project details in seconds!
May 10, 2023
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Mukundh Krishna

Do you find yourself copy-pasting information across multiple customer projects? Whether it’s to create status updates, forms, and documents, or to respond to customers, it can be frustrating to manually reference the same project-related content over and over again.

What if we told you there’s a better, more efficient way to duplicate information across projects?

Enter Rocketlane's new SmartFill feature. With SmartFill, you can easily retrieve project details and other information stored in project fields, making it a breeze to create documents and fill project details on the go.

SmartFill can play an integral role in streamlining your workflows and helping you focus on what really matters. Let’s look at three ways in which SmartFill can make your team and processes more efficient.

Automate the process of filling important project information with SmartFill

Customizing your project based on the customer doesn't have to take countless hours. Gone are the days of manually entering project details such as the project owner, customer POC, onboarding specialist, etc., for every document. With SmartFill, you can automatically populate this information, making it easier than ever to create customized status updates, documents, forms, and task descriptions.

By including customer-specific details, you can offer each of your customers a tailor-made project experience that sets you apart from the competition.

Simplify document management with SmartFill's conditional logic

Do you end up maintaining multiple versions of documents like SLAs, security policies, or communication plans to suit different types of customers? The content of these documents may mostly be the same, and you could be making small variations for different customer groups. For instance, your security policy may require an additional GDPR section for a customer in Europe.

SmartFill eliminates the need to maintain separate documents for each customer group. With SmartFill, you can manage these documents as a single document with conditional sections that can pull out the appropriate content based on your customer's information.

This way, you will be saving valuable time because you won't need to create or update multiple documents every time changes are necessary.

Instantly access project data with SmartFill

When managing multiple customer-facing projects, having quick access to important project details becomes vital. You will need the information available at your fingertips to create or update documents, to share status updates with project stakeholders, or to reply to a customer query. With SmartFill, you can rest assured that the information you share, whether it is about the progress made on any project, the completion percentage, or an ongoing project phase, is accurate and up-to-date. And you can do it in a flash!

If it can be typed, it can be SmartFill-ed

SmartFill can help you standardize all your customer communications, while ensuring consistency and accuracy in information.

SmartFill increases your team’s efficiency by allowing you to access critical project information quickly and easily, and saves time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry. No more searching through endless spreadsheets and project databases!

Try SmartFill on Rocketlane today!

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Rahul Sridhar
Content Marketer @ Rocketlane

Content Marketer at Rocketlane. Former teacher turned tech writer. Occasionally dabbles in comedy and rap music.

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