Varun Singh

Product Evangelist @ Rocketlane

Marketer and product evangelist peeling different layers of life with constant learning. Follow me on Twitter @VarunKPSingh

Decoding the State of Customer Onboarding 2023
Customer onboarding expert and author of 'Onboarding Matters' Donna Weber released Rocketlane's 2023 survey report on all things onboarding.
Implementation Stories
How quality customer education enhances value delivery
Brittany Lockwood, CSM at Dealpath, walks us through her experiences and learnings from her CS and CE journey
Preflight Conversations
Maintaining Mental Wellness Through Stressful Workweeks
Members of the Preflight community share stress management tips
Implementation Stories
The impact of culture on customer project execution
In this session, Alex spoke to us about customer onboarding execution and success in a multi-geography environment having cultural barriers.
Implementation Stories
Nimesh of Rockmetric on onboarding enterprise customers in finance
Nimesh Mehta, founder and CEO of Rockmetric, shares his honest reflections on his implementation journey

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