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October 4, 2022
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When onboarding a new customer, you will invariably be tasked with collecting inputs or data from the customer at regular intervals. By inputs, we mean answers to specific questions that will help with their onboarding and implementation, like intake forms, surveys, migration-related data, or any custom requests they might have at different phases of the onboarding process. 

Typically these exchanges happen over multiple emails, and responses are stored in documents, Google forms, or good old spreadsheets. These methods, albeit effective for a few, are not the most efficient way to collect customer data. There's still so much left to be desired when it comes to organization and customer experience. 

Having spent years onboarding customers for various products and services at varying complexity levels, our product team at Rocketlane has developed something to make your data intake process 10x smoother. 

Say hello to Forms by Rocketlane

Here are five ways in which you can smoothen your client onboarding experience with forms:

1. Eliminate the tedious Google forms + emails workflow

It's 2022, folks. You shouldn't have to go through the trouble of sending out form links to your customers, following up multiple times to get the data you need, creating roadblocks along the way, and then eventually sorting and sifting the information they send you before you get to the actual work.

Although a tool like Google forms is free, it's not the most versatile when it comes to customization or integrations with other apps for data flow. Rocketlane allows you to do all that and more - set up form templates, capture structured data and push it across applications, set up tasks based on responses, and design a form that's polished and in line with your brand. 

2. Create once, reuse forever

Like how you can create templates for projects, documents, and status updates with Rocketlane, you can also templatize your forms so they can be reused forever across different projects. Based on customer type and size, you can templatize forms for intake, migration, and surveys and have them placed in the appropriate project template and phase. You won't ever have to recreate them from scratch again.

Duplicate form templates

Are you trying to create a form template that is similar to this-other-form-you-have-that-is-not-exactly-right-but-almost-right?

Save time by simply duplicating them. Go to Templates > Form templates > More actions and click Duplicate. Add/remove fields as required.

3. Capture structured data and use it across applications

Rocketlane can automatically push form data into your favorite CRMs or business applications. You don't have to manually feed the information you collect into every application you use anymore. Eliminate the monotony and automate this process. 

4. Create tasks automatically from form requests

Rocketlane allows you to set up task fields within your form along with expected deadlines and priority levels. Based on the responses generated, tasks will be automatically created under the right project phase. This means you don't have to manually sift through responses, pull out relevant information, create tasks, and then finally assign people to them. Use the time you save to focus on more important work. 

5. Customize the form aesthetic to suit your brand

Say goodbye to dull-looking forms because Rocketlane allows incredible form customizations. Choose the background you'd like to use, and incorporate your brand colors and logo to bring a new look and feel to your forms instead of settling for a boring experience. These little touches can go a long way in giving your customers that consistent, seamless brand experience. 

These are just a few ways in which Rocketlane's forms can help you smoothen the rough edges and provide delight to both you and your customers during onboarding. You can, of course, get creative and do a whole lot more. 

Want to see our forms in action? Book a free demo with us today!

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Rahul Sridhar
Content Marketer @ Rocketlane

Content Marketer at Rocketlane. Former teacher turned tech writer. Occasionally dabbles in comedy and rap music.

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