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Resources to share during the customer onboarding journey

Recommendations from Preflighters on what resources to share during customer onboarding.
December 6, 2021
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As a customer success professional, your goal is to get your customers acquainted with the features of your product and gain benefits by using it. Your onboarding process should be tailored to each customer’s needs and expectations to make them feel guided and supported. 

You can’t compel a customer to get to know all features they don’t need at the moment, but they should be able to access the necessary resources when they’re ready. In this blog, Preflight Community members share the resources that need to be shared during the customer onboarding journey. 

Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-founder - Rocketlane

Depending on the maturity of the customer’s current process, we share:

  1. Sample customer onboarding project plans as a reference to create their own
  2. Best practices to get the most from our product 
  3. Document templates on kickoffs, SOW or requirements, handoff process, etc. to help get them started
  4. Demo recording and video recording of all workshops and sessions we do with them
  5. Customer-facing portal guide 
  6. Technical documentation and features descriptions
  7. Training videos to help with the product setup

Alexander Scholz, Partner Enablement Lead - Freshworks

Create an academy for training your customers with video snippets of the product. If the customer actively consumes those training videos and starts using the features, they’d earn brownie points that can be used as an incentive/discount for their next purchase.

James Stuart, Customer Success Executive -

The major downside of human interaction at every point in a customer onboarding process is that people deliver information in different ways. So, it’s important to automate certain touch points to provide a consistent onboarding experience for all customers. 

For instance, create a forum where a new user/customer can post a question, and experienced users/customers can answer. Have a rewarding system in place when customers engage in the forum.

Sudheer Sharma Goda, Director of Professional Services - Gainsight

In a typical customer implementation program, it’s good to gather and share:

  1. Overall execution plan (high-level) for the subscribed offering
  2. Discovery workshop to collect user stories
  3. Ongoing artifacts like configuration workbooks
  4. Necessary reading materials for customer’s to go through
  5. Concrete launch plan and activities at the end of the build phase

More resources for you

  1. How quality customer education enhances value delivery 
  2. A 'Readiness Kit' for customer onboarding 
  3. Customer education - the missing link to customer onboarding success 

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Mohana Valli Prabhakar
Marketing Analyst @ Rocketlane & Community Manager, Preflight

Introverted, but willing to discuss books. Follow me on Twitter @Mohanavalli96

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