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Rocketlane X Salesforce: Automated Project Creation and More

Here’s how our Salesforce integration will help you create project plans, project pipelines, and visibility into customers’ lifecycle
February 4, 2022
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As a business owner, running a customer-facing project is the most high-stakes activity you will engage in. The end goal is great customer experience, and your internal processes have a direct impact on that.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate and remove human errors for some of them?

At Rocketlane, we thought we’d help you make a step towards that goal. We are pleased to announce that we have a Salesforce integration! What does that mean for our customers? This integration will help customers:

  1. Automate your sales-to-customer-onboarding handoffs
  2. Gain visibility into the upcoming project pipeline so they can plan better
  3. Can sync information between Rocketlane and Salesforce, thereby helping everyone from onboarding specialists to sales representatives get on the same page 

Seamless handoffs and accurate project plans

Ever find yourself referring to your CRM multiple times for your customer onboarding plan? Or maybe you need to go to your sales team often and get the latest update on the customer you’re currently working on onboarding. 

Rocketlane’s Salesforce integration is meant to remove the pain of manual work involved in a sales-to-customer-onboarding handoff process. Once your sales teams win the opportunities, these can be automatically converted into Rocketlane projects with all the necessary fields and information.

Information such as customer information, business goals, sales notes, etc., is pulled from Salesforce into Rocketlane, with little need for your intervention. This also means error-free information handover during the handoff process. Bonus: you’ll not make your customers repeat themselves anymore.

Know what’s coming up

Setting up this sync will enable you to look at what’s next for your team once the current projects are seen to their finish line. This will help you plan your resources and time better. No more hurried customer onboarding or implementations.

On-demand reports on Rocketlane and Salesforce

You can also have reports generated on both Rocketlane and Salesforce using the information synced between the two. This means you can quickly access and present important data such as region-wise project reports and progress on the various customer-facing projects to your management and stakeholders.

Visibility into onboarding for internal stakeholders

With the Rocketlane-Salesforce integration, your teams won’t have to follow up with each other for updates on the progress made with a specific customer: both systems will sync the required information and all your teams can get on the same page.

Get rolling now!

Great customer experience requires efficiency and productivity from your teams.

So why don’t you try our Salesforce integration today? Get a free trial now!

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Kirthika Soundararajan
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