S02 Ep. 03: Cori Medler on the psychological dimension of customer onboarding

Cori Medler, Director - Customer Success at BombBomb talks about the psychological dimension of onboarding and handling change management with clients.
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In this episode, we talk to Cori Medler, Director - Customer Success at BombBomb. She leads the team and steers initiatives for retention and expansion of BombBomb's managed customers.

Cori is a powerhouse in Customer Success, as she is who has quite literally experienced it all in SaaS. She has been in sales, services, people management, marketing strategies, data analysis, database administration, and so much more. 

Here at the Launch Station, she gets to talking about:

  1. How onboarding and Customer Success has evolved at BombBomb
  2. How the onboarding journey at BombBomb looks like
  3. How BombBomb handles change management with enterprise clients
  4. What are some key concepts that people should research on when trying to effect change management

… and more.

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