S02 Ep.01: Bridging gaps in a remote work environment

Irene Lefton, VP of Customer Success, MentorCloud talks about remote work, its challenges, and how to make it more effective
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We are kicking off Season 2 of The Launch Station with Irene Lefton, a seasoned CS leader who is currently the VP of Customer Success at MentorCloud. She acts as a CS advisor to many startups. She is always featured in the Top 25 and Top 50 CS Leaders lists year after year and is also the co-chair of the Customer Success Leadership Network.

Irene is an expert on remote work and has been managing remote teams for the past 25+ years.

In this episode, Irene talks about:

  1. Remote work, its challenges, and how to make it more effective
  2. Forming the human connect when working remotely
  3. Customer relations in the remote environment
  4. Hiring and onboarding employees in a remote setup

… and more. Tune in!

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