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Customer Success

Customer Success is a proactive sales approach that focuses on building relationships with existing customers, understanding their goals and challenges, and helping them reach those goals through a product or service. 

At its core, Customer Success is about:

  1. Understanding customers and their organizational goals, challenges, culture, etc. 
  2. Facilitating the successful implementation of services/products to help them meet and surpass their goals
  3. Building and nurturing the relationship with customers to drive retention and expansion within the account through up-selling, cross-selling, or down-selling

Why a customer success function is important  

Customer Success builds a bridge between sale and value realization for the customer. This aspect of value realization influences all the other downstream interactions that the customer has with your company. 

Customer success as a function hasn’t been around as long as Customer Support which most companies automatically consider a necessary cost of doing business. However, having a dedicated customer success function can positively impact downstream interactions through: 

  1. Higher LTVs
  2. Improved retention 
  3. Increased repeat purchases or up-sell or cross-sell revenues

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