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Introducing Rocketlane Automations: Focus on work that matters

Use Rocketlane's Automations to streamline project management, allowing you and your team to focus on what truly matters.
September 6, 2023
Mukundh Krishna

As you clock out on Mondays after a long day of browsing through project delays and strained customer relationships, you wonder if this routine will ever end. All you seem to be doing every week is just logging in, checking statuses, flagging delays, sending out reminders, and creating new project plans.

But how do you escape this seemingly inevitable chaos that everyday work and delivery responsibilities seem to bring?

How do you craft the ideal workday for your team and yourself?

And how do you reclaim the time to pause, reflect, and focus on work that actually moves the business needle? Whether it's nurturing customer relationships, optimizing processes, or finding new avenues for growth… What is the secret sauce?

With Rocketlane Automations, of course! 

Automation is not new to us!

We have always believed that client onboarding and professional services teams need the time to focus on high-value work.

So, we spent time understanding how businesses operate, identified the repeatable, and baked it right into the product:

  • Templates: Create once and reuse forever
  • Dynamic templates: Craft bespoke project plans unique to every customer
  • Automated project updates: Keeping everyone, from your team to your customers, aligned and informed.
  • SmartFill: So that you need not type the information over and over.
  • Interval IQ: Automate tracking of milestones, benchmarking performance, accelerating product delivery and time-to-value.

So what's new, you ask?

Introducing Rocketlane Automations

Here is the truth: It's those meticulous details that set your business apart, make you more efficient, and enable growth.

Think about it – you're always trying to handle escalations. You're constantly working to strengthen connections with customers and hold them accountable. You're aiming to provide clarity with check-ins for everyone, from customers to partners. And those team hand-offs? You're tirelessly refining them. 

Handling these on a case-by-case basis was doable once, but now it begs the question: How do we scale?

Rocketlane Automations takes the lead on everything from project creation, execution, and monitoring to completion so you and your team can focus on work that truly matters.

We're giving YOU the power to build unique and custom workflows suited just to your business's needs.

The new set of automation capabilities we have added to Rocketlane enables you to:

  • Expand with limitless automation across projects, phases, tasks, and forms
  • Craft unforgettable customer experiences while driving accountability
  • Command the chaos in project deliveries
  • Standardize and streamline your operations 

1. Expand with limitless automation across projects, phases, tasks, and forms

Ever noticed how, in onboarding, implementation, or services, automation usually takes a back seat or just gets the bare basics? Rocketlane Automations is here to challenge that narrative.

You can now build automation rules that run across projects, phases, tasks, and forms, ensuring every stage of your delivery can be automated.

  • Eric’s task has been ‘In Progress’ for longer than it should? Get Rocketlane to flag it to his project owner.
  • Your customer kickoff is done? Move a task to the next phase - say implementation - and Rocketlane will automatically create the required sub tasks under it.
  • Data migration form request from that enterprise client? Turn it into a task, assign it to your star team, and get things moving!

And this is just skimming the surface! The possibilities are, truly, boundless.

2. Craft unforgettable customer experiences while driving accountability

Beyond the repeats and routines, automation carries a promise. The promise of building a customer-centric project delivery where you offer them clear visibility, drive accountability and deliver an exceptional experience.

Once a customer onboards, you can kick things off with a perfectly timed, warm welcome email.

They'll always be in the loop with notifications, no matter if it's about a tiny task or a massive project phase. 

And should they ever be a bit less than overjoyed, you're immediately in the know with the automated CSAT surveys. Move quickly and fix it right away! Remember, it's all about nurturing the relationship, day by day.

3. Command the chaos in project deliveries. Master the unpredictable

Despite meticulous planning, project delivery can be quite unpredictable. It isn't always sunshine and rainbows.

But that doesn't mean you're left at the mercy of chaos. Craft your own escalation matrix, define who needs to be in the loop based on delay cycles, and ensure prompt actions to get projects back on track.

Skip the stress of digging through projects or hunting for warning signs. Simply define what warrants attention, and then detail your course of action for each scenario.

4. Never miss a beat in cross-team collaboration

When it comes to onboarding, implementations, and service delivery, it's a collaborative dream come true. Echoing John Lennon, we 'Imagine' a world where everyone works together —and then we make it happen.

Need a project template set up after a form response? Seamlessly tailor the ideal project for every customer. And when the moment arrives for that flawless handover – be it transitioning between phases or shifting a task to the billing team – execute it smoothly, ensuring you don't skip a beat.

Thus, each step in your project flows effortlessly, like a river.

5. Standardize and streamline your operations 

With Rocketlane automations, you can standardize processes across your entire organization without limiting the uniqueness of individual teams or projects.

Be it handling escalations or setting processes across teams, you can ensure consistency across your entire business.

Have a particular project that demands a distinctive approach? Maybe your enterprise implementations require a tailored touch? No problem. With template-level and project-level automations, you get that flexibility.

You won’t be starting from scratch every time. For projects with overlapping automation needs, you can save a specific rule and effortlessly incorporate it wherever needed.

Efficiency without repetition, customization without complication. 

Build your first Rocketlane Automation today!

Three steps, that's all it takes to whip up your very own automation! Choose your trigger, decide the conditions, and you're all set to go! And guess what? If you want a shortcut, our library of ready-to-use workflows is just a click away. Dive in here to learn more!

Seeking inspiration? Dive into this list based on popular choices among our customers:

  • Dynamic project templates: Automatically import project templates based on the customer's ARR or based on form responses.
  • Tailored welcome emails: Send personalized emails as soon as a project starts.
  • Revived project alerts: Instantly notify assignees on Slack when a project is revived.
  • Billing updates: Keep billing and team members updated after milestone completions.
  • Auto-Fill task efforts: Default task efforts to one hour if left empty.
  • Streamlined task approvals: Notify customers or change project status post-approvals.
  • Prompt customer replies: Assure timely responses to customer chats.

Why wait? Happy automating!

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