S02 Ep. 06: Michael Canzoneri on the Professional Services landscape

Michael Canzoneri, Practice Director at Confluent sheds some light on how strategy is a key element in the professional services industry
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In this episode of The Launch Station, we are joined by Michael Canzoneri, ex-Confluent, and currently VP of Global Services at Dataiku. Michael drove some of the most disruptive and innovative big data solutions across multiple industries for Confluent. He led multi-year, global transformative projects in retail, aerospace, defense, and oil & gas. Michael also develops strategies and positions companies for dramatic growth.
After studying data sciences at Harvard and Quantum Computing at MIT, Michael went on to do his MBA from Villanova. He talks to us about:

  1. How professional services are positioned and operated at Confluent
  2. How the PS landscape evolved at Confluent
  3. Why strategy isa key element from a PS perspective
  4. What are some effects of the change

… and more.

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