S01 Ep.09: Nailing Implementations the Gainsight Way

Sridhar Gollapalli (VP - Customer Success) and Sudheer Sharma Goda (Director of Professional Services) of Gainsight share implementation wisdom
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In this episode, we have Sridhar Gollapalli (VP - Customer Success) and Sudheer Sharma Goda (Director of Professional Services), Gainsight. Sridhar has over two decades of experience working in the software tech space and has worked with the likes of IBM and Microsoft. He transitioned from engineering leadership roles to customer success at Gainsight. Sudheer has a master's in Data Science and Analytics. He spent 15 years in tech consulting before he joined Gainsight to lead their professional services function.

In this episode, they talk about:

  • How the Customer Success function was established at Gainsight
  • How the Professional Services team comes into the picture
  • How the team decides on who should engage with the customer
  • How workshops for customers cut down their go-live time

...and more

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