S01 Ep.08: Sales as a Multiplier of Customer Success

Assaf Barnir, VP - Customer Success at Netomi, talks about how the sales process can provide a leg-up for customer onboarding and more
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In this episode, we have Assaf Barnir, VP of Customer Success at Netomi. Assaf has worked in the software space with the Israeli Air Force, moved to consulting, delivery, and professional services roles with companies such as IBM and Zendesk, transitioning to leadership roles in Customer Success.

In this episode, we discuss with Barnir:

  • How the sales process can provide a leg up for the customer onboarding team
  • His learnings and takeaways from his career journey so far
  • The transformational changes that he brought into the Sales team at his org that had a multiplicative effect on Customer Success
  • How his customer-oriented way of looking at things driven his high-impact initiatives
  • How you can convince the leadership to focus on customers instead of on the dollars
  • When to invest in a customer success tool

... and more

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